Alarm Responses

CCL Security offers a superiorly efficient, reliable and prompt alarm response service in the Perth metropolitan area. Our response service complies with, and sometimes exceeds, Australian standards. Thus providing an extra layer of formidable assistance for security personnel and teams. We guarantee excellent response times and leave a numbered report after each task.

Why You Need A Monitored Alarm Response Service

Your first line of defence against an intruder should be a strong response system. Here’s where an alarm comes in. But alarms alone aren’t good enough if they are not monitored, in which case emergency response would be left to chance. This leaves your home or business vulnerable to unwanted guests and property breach.

Installing a monitored alarm ensures that trained alarm response officers are always on hand to provide swift and appropriate response when your alarm goes off. CCL Security provides tracking services for all types of alarm systems including burglary, smoke, refrigeration or medical alarms. Knowing that professionally trained response teams are on the lookout to protect your property against any form of breach makes it a whole lot easier to leave your home or business with confidence. You’ll also be notified in the event of any of the following:

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  • Personal Attacks
  • Intruder Alarms
  •  Duress Alarms
  • System Isolation
  • Power Fail at the premises
  • System Fault or tampers
  • Low Battery condition for standby power

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