Mobile Patrols

The presence of a mobile patrol service makes your premises less attractive to intruders.

Setting up a reliable security infrastructure for your home or business is an important investment. And while this comes at a cost, leaving your property unmonitored often ends up a costlier decision. Theft, individual safety risks and damage to assets such as machinery and equipment can be financially devastating to your business or family.

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At CCL Security, our mobile patrol services provide the extra layer of security to ensure that your assets, personnel, and premises always remain impregnable. We work round the clock all through the hours of the night when your property is most susceptible to intrusion. We keep you safe 7 days a week, 365 days year, and we do so at the most affordable costs.

Hiring CCL Security mobile patrol service protects your property, assets and loved ones from external harm. Our highly experienced and professional patrol team will attend to your premises as often as required and ensure no invader finds their way into your priced property. Beyond serving as a visual deterrent, our mobile patrol team provides a reliable defence system to complement existing security infrastructure.

Contact us today for the most comprehensive, secure, and cost-effective mobile patrol service in Melbourne.

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