Static Guarding

CCL Security provides robust Static Guard Services for locations such as shopping centers, construction sites, warehouses, storage facilities, medical offices, hospitals, car parks and anywhere else where round-the-clock monitoring is vitally important. Maintaining a visual security presence with static guards comes with multiple benefits. A static guard bolsters security by deterring crime and enhances customer confidence by presenting an atmosphere of safety and trust. This in turn stimulates business activity and ensures adequate protection of your assets from any form of breach.


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While technology has revolutionized the way we approach safety, the presence of a keen pair of eyes remains important. At its core, human presence nurtures confidence and increases the sense of security for business owners, employees and also encourages customers to do business with you in a safe and secure environment.


Hiring the service of a static guard sends a strong message of deterrence to potential intruders in more ways than surveillance cameras or any other security measure would. CCL Security guards are highly trained to assess, observe and report any suspicious activity or security breach in and around your premises. Our guards ensure that locks and glass areas are in good condition by monitoring your building round the clock, and also conduct additional monitoring of equipment such as refrigeration gauges, equipment controllers and timers if required.


A visible security guard service not only stimulates confidence but also sends a message of strong customer service. From manning your front desk to directing customer access, our guards are great first points of interaction for your business and can project a highly professional image of your brand image to customers and clients. Our static guards can also escort your customers and employees to their vehicles as they leave your business premise.


Business owners and employees can focus more on their jobs and leave high-risk tasks to our security team. This includes duties as restricting location access, monitoring video surveillance, and verifying the credentials and identifications of individuals gaining access to your facilities.

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